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Giving a Speech
The Problem

Why Should You Care

There is severe lack of information about women’s reproductive health. This puts women at a higher risk for developing bladder and vaginal dysfunctions. These disorders cost women time money, and happiness. I want to empower you to take control of their reproductive health through essential preventative education.

Common Problem

Over 50% of women seek treatment for Urinary Incontinence, and this problem is under treated and under diagnosed. 

No Education

Right now there is no mandatory education on female reproductive health. This lack of education is costing women time, money, and happiness. 

You Can Fix It
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The problem is prevalent and the cost is high. I want to empower you to take control of your health. I will give you the information and tools that will help you avoid health problems and even reverse symptoms you already have.

I'm Terry


I believe that education is the best preventative medicine

After years of doing surgery on severe bladder and vaginal dysfunctions, I realized that many of the problems my patients were suffering from could have been prevented with education on their own reproductive health. So, I decided to become an educator to put myself out of business. I provide the preventative education in an effort to reduce the amount of women who need the surgery I perform. Ultimately, I want to drastically reduce the amount of women who suffer from vaginal and bladder dysfunctions. I am making this education accessible to increase the quality of life of women all over the world.

50% of women will struggle with urinary

I am a Board Certified Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgeon (FPMRS).

50% of women will struggle with urinary

I am one of less than 1,500 board certified FPMRS surgeons in America, and the only Urogynecologic Surgeon between Austin and San Antonio.

50% of women will struggle with urinary

I have spent almost 20 years helping women reclaim control of their bladders and their lives. 

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Download Guide


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Am I doing Kegels Right?

There are actually 2 muscle groups you can target when doing Kegels. Targeting your slow twitch muscles will help you more effectively strengthen your pelvic floor! Download this pamphlet for a quick “How to”!

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7 Sexual Organs

Have you been looking to orgasm but don't know where to begin? Did you know that women have 7 sexual organs?

Sexy Contexts JPG.jpg

Sexy Contexts

Create a great context: the environment that will help you feel most relaxed to get into a sexual mood!

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Is there a right way to pee?

Many women are taught to sit straight up on the toilet which can cause ⅓ of the urine to stay in the bladder! Click to download a free pee positions PDF to see different positions that can help you fully empty your bladder!

Sexual Temperament Q_Page_1.jpg

Sexual Temperament Questionnaire

Download our free PDF Questionnaire to see where you land on the sexual temperament scale!

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7 Tips to Increase your Bladder Health

Do you leak when you laugh cough or sneeze? If not, it may only be a matter of time! There could be things you are doing everyday that damage your bladder and weaken your pelvic floor! 

Copy of Copy of Therapeutic Masturbation

Therapeutic Masurbation

Feeling frustration due to the lack of reaching orgasm? Download this amazing instructional PDF written by Dr. Emily Nagoski 



Growing up, there was very little access to information about women’s reproductive health. What I could learn was often incomplete or incorrect. This lack of education leaves women at a higher risk for developing bladder and vaginal dysfunctions. My own mom suffered for years and had to have major surgery to repair a prolapse because of a preventable issue that was left untreated. These problems actively decrease the quality of life for women all over the world. 



Did you know your reproductive health can affect your relationships, self esteem, and productivity? 

After years working as a surgeon and expert witness, I realized that many women were never taught the basics of their reproductive health. 


In my speeches, I walk through the basics of female reproductive health, tackle common misconceptions and give practical techniques you can implement to support yourself and the women in your community. There are many things women do everyday that they do not realize could be damaging their pelvic floor and over years can leave them with embarrassing and costly problems. 


Do you want to get this information to the women in your community?


“As a patient of Dr. Irwin’s for many years, I can honestly say that she changed my life. Not only through her wisdom but through her expertise in her field”

Donna E.


"I do not think I truly understood what compassion in medicine looked like until I met Dr. Irwin. She is passionate about not only educating people on health and living healthy lifestyles, she’s also dedicated to spreading love and empathy. As far as mentors go, I can honestly say I’ve lucked out! Anyone lucky enough to meet her will know what I mean the moment she steps into the room."

Grace N.

50% of women will struggle with urinary

"Dr. Teresa Irwin is a blessing to me in that she is not only very knowledgeable in her field but also has a caring attitude accompanying her skills. She treats me with dignity plus truly listens to my concerns regarding my health. Thank you, Dr. Irwin. You are a gem..."

Denise J.

Lives Changed


Start Your Journey

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Does your  bladder get in the way of your life?

It doesn't have to! You shouldn't have to be afraid to go out and do the things you love. This is your life and your sexuality and you should be the one in control of it. 

In my educational Mastercourse you will have 15 pre-recorded classes each with an activity challenge designed to rehabilitate and strengthen your pelvic floor. In addition, this course includes 5 group Q&A meetings (1 Hour) to help address special situations or questions you may have.

Let's Connect

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