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Did you know your reproductive health can affect your relationships, self esteem, and productivity? 

I am always looking to spread the word on Women's Reproductive Health Education. If you are interested in having me speak at an event, click the button below. Scroll down to see some of the places I've spoken at before.


I also offer a DIY master course that assists you in earning ownership in the quality of your life through mastery of your pelvic floor health!

Pleasant Title


December, 2020.  Awarded Texas Monthly “Super Doctor” title in ealy 2020, but will be published late 2020.

November, 2020. Gave 3 lectures at the “Happy Vagina Rally” virtual summit hosted by Dr. Betsy Greenleaf. 


September, 2020. Interviewed on the “Strong Women in Medicine” podcast with Candace Bellamy to be released in 2021. 


August, 2020. Dr. Teresa Iriwin Featured in US Reporter. 


August, 2020: “Take Control of your Vagina!” Keynote Speaker at Amazon Video “Speak Up” a TV show produced and hosted by Didi Wong. 


August, 2020: “Take it from Elvis, Reclaim Your Pelvis” Keynote Speaker on women’s reproductive health at “The Best You Expo,” proclaimed as the largest personal development engagements in the world.

August, 2020: Interviewed by Dr. Fiona Lovely on the Podcast “Not Your Mother’s Menopause” to be released in 2021. 


July, 2020: Featured in Fox34


July, 2020: Featured in Kivo Daily


July, 2020: Featured in WRCBTV


July, 2020: Featured in The New York Weekly

June, 2020: Interviewed by Dr. Betsy Greenleaf on “Some of Your Parts” podcast to be released in 2021. 


May, 2020: Speaker at “Empowercast Summit” with JB Owen CEO of Ignite.


April, 2020: Inducted into Marquis Who’s Who


January, 2020. Featured in internationally best selling book “Ignite Your Health and Wellness”.


June, 2019: Speaking Academy Semi-Finalist, Eric Edmeades’ MindValley: “Becoming the Best Mother and Doctor.”

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